Colloidal Silver + Blood Electrifier Treatment For Lung Cancer

This is a great video which interviews an elderly gentleman who previously had lung cancer and managed to eliminate it using nothing more than a blood electrification and colloidal silver. Well worth watching:


One thought on “Colloidal Silver + Blood Electrifier Treatment For Lung Cancer

  1. I am thankful for this video and the work you are doing to help people know the benefits of colloidal silver.  The fact that it can be used as a treatment for cancer is a new one to me, though I am constantly learning the benefits of all of God's wonderful creations he has placed on the earth for our benefit.  I have been using colloidal silver for around 15 years for myself and my family. After one winter making 8 trips to the doctor for my daughter and her respiratory infections, colds, our run with staph and something else I never thought we would come in contact with…as well as warts, sinus infections, burns, scrapes, wounds, you name it — we started using silver more and more, only to go for doctor visits less and less.   Silver helped new skin to form over a terribly deep scrape overnight!  I am constantly amazed at the effectiveness silver has on nearly every ailment we encounter.  Doctor visits only happen when our use of silver decreases due to wellness and forgetfulness.  I am getting my daughter to look at your information (she is in college to be a radiation therapist) – and perhaps she will seek employment at an alternative therapy hospital!  So thankful!!

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